SoundPeats Q30 Bluetooth Earphones Review

SoundPeats Q30 plus In-Ear Bluetooth Earphones Review

For all those music lovers who stream music through Earphones, here we present you some really interesting facts about Q30 SoundPeats Bluetooth Earphones which makes it worth buying Earphone in the market.

But before we start let’s get a brief on SoundPeats. Established in 2013, SoundPeats deals in manufacturing and selling of acoustic electronics products. Wireless Earphones, Wired/Bluetooth Headphones, Mini Portable Speakers are some of the main product that they focus on.

Soundpeats is well-know player in online and off-line market. It manufactures best quality of products with all latest features at best market price.

SoundPeats Q30 Bluetooth Earphone Features:

I am sure its first glace expresses sporty looks. It is equipped with IPX4 sweat proof technology, has adjustable ear hooks & feather weight. The quality of earphone seems too sturdy with high durability. You will not find any buttons on and around the earbuds for controlling the functionality. There is a separate inline multi functional remote available on earphone wire which will help to everything as compact as possible.

Product Specifications of Q30 Soundpeats Bluetooth earphone

• Bluetooth Chip: CSR8645
• Weight: 0.53 oz/15g (very low as compare with other earphones)
• Dimension: Length: 25 * Width:0.98 * Height:1.26 (inches)
• Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.1
• Polymer Lithium Battery: 3.7V/55mAH*2
• Working Time: 12 hours
• Standby Time: 80 Hours

Extra Bass with Super Audio Sound Quality

No need to compromise on Bass Effect and Audio Quality. One can enjoy every single beat with that extra bass effect without missing on any notes. This set of pair can be well compared to some top brands such as Bose Earphones, Sony Earphones, Sennheiser. But still Soundpeats is best from all of these brands where you can spend your money.

Sweat Resistance

Those who are fitness freak, for them soundpeats Q30 plus will be the best earphones. Generally a gym person use earphone while they exercise and they need new earphones or headphones on every two to three months, the reason beside is that most of earphone are not made for gym person and when they use it, there are high possibilities to change that earphone or other some other earphone because of sweat, low quality of wire or heavy use.

Due to its Sweat-Resistance Technology this soundpeats q30 plus pair can be plugged in while playing Sports, Gym, Cycling and Jogging. The sweat resistance, rated IPX level 6 makes sure that your earphones are not damaged with the sweat caused due to heavy workout and heat

Long Battery Life of Soundpeats Q30 plus:

The Q30 plus Soundpeats hold 240mAh battery power, which requires almost 1.5 hours to 2 hours to charge completely via micro USB cable available with earphone box.

According to our tests, Soundpeats Bluetooth earphones provides approximately 13 hours playback time. This Bluetooth earphone provide 75dB(SPL) output, which may increase playback time of earphone.


The engine in SoundPeats wireless earphones operate via 5.0 Bluetooth with 10 meter of wireless range. This show us that company provide us up to date firmware and also provide as aptX and aptX-Low latency Bluetooth support. This earphone also supports high quality Qualcomm Codec.

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