Soundpeats Q12 Bluetooth Earphone Review

Soundpeats Q12 Bluetooth Earphone

Each new day you find some or the other mobile companies like One+, Samsung, Nokia coming up with latest and modern smart phones.  These new technology mobiles build such a great brand image in our mind that we easily fall in love and buy one.

The need for Bluetooth and wired Earphones are increasing because these days Mobile Manufacturing companies do not provide an Earphone with mobile phone.  Today, to select an Earphone or Headphones that matches user expectation become more challenging.

Here is an entire brief review of SoundPeats Q12 bluetooth Earphone that can help you to get in-depth information of the product with its classy features.

Before we start with SoundPeats Q12 bluetooth earphone here is the short explanation about SoundPeats.

Established in 2013 this company manufactures electronic gadgets related to Earphones, Headphones, & Bluetooth Speakers. Within less time the company has gained a lot of popularity in India and overseas market due to its astonishing product designs, latest/modern features and least cost when compared with other competitor.

Soundpeats Q12 Bluetooth Earphone:

Soundpeats Q12 earphone has classic design and it is an up-gradation of other Soundpeats headphones.  It is made in such a way that user can wear it from behind the neck.  Earphone tips has magnet which allows you to connect it when headphone is not in use and hang around your neck securely.  Soundpeats Q12 has impressive noise cancellation technology (apt-x and CVC noise reduction).  Apt-x provides an improved audio quality via Bluetooth and yes, you can use it for calling purpose.

Soundpeats Q12 has stylish/ modern design with high audio sound quality, this make it so unique from other earphones. With in-build Sweat-Proof technology this earphones are good to go for those who are gym freak, cyclist or a regular traveler. The Soundpeats Q12 Plus earphone/headphone has IPX6 waterproofing certification. The only aim is to protect it from rain, sweat, and splashes but IPX6 doesn’t allow you to take it in heavy rain or pool. Else you will intentionally expose it into submersion.

Audio Quality of Soundpeats Earphone:

Soundpeats Q12  plus has contrasted with 10mm audio driver, which is slightly larger than 6mm normal earphone’s driver. As we compare with normal earphone (6mm), in Q12 plus the placement of driver is slightly away from user’s ear. This helps in noise cancellation from silicon earbud and improves high sound quality. It even helps to increase bass performance. This feature makes Soundpeats Q12 bluetooth earphone great for sports person.

Bluetooth connectivity:

Q12 plus has Bluetooth version 5.0 QCC3005 chipset. This chipset include APTX-LL and APTX codec, which maintain high definition audio quality, frequency up to 20kHz and dynamic range of at least 120dB.

Battery life:

This earphone works almost 8 to 10 hrs a day. However, the actual amount of battery life is depends on how loud you play the music, the room temperature and several other factors are also important.

However, if you’re using q12 plus headphone only for receiving calls and talking then your battery may extent more 2hrs to 3hrs.

Note: It is very important to keep in mind that, it may be harmful for you if you’re using headphone while charging.

Microphone quality:

Soundpeats Q12 has impressive microphone. The mic is made up of sing CVS 8.0 technology. This technology insures you noise cancellation feature while talking using microphone (provide higher degree of voice clarity).

Remote control:

The cable of Soundpeats Q12 earphone has remote control on it. There are three buttons on it (+, – and multifunction). With the help of these 3 buttons user can control Volume, Power, Bluetooth pairing, Track, Stop, Pause, Receive calls, Disconnect calls and now user can navigate Google also.

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